LEBEST Fat Removal Tea

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Slimming tea has such function as reducing fat, cholesterol and dispelling fatigue, while moisturizing it can regulate one`s health and care skin as well as lose weight, convenient and efficient. Often drink can reduce blood pressure and blood fat, lose weight, prevent and treat coronary heart disease(CHD), cholecytitis, gall-stone, fatty liver and obesity. 


Promote qi(air) to activate blood, ease the liver to dispel melancholy, regulate the blood to for menstrual function, soothe the nerves, calm the mind and decrease internal heat, regulate qi and blood to promote blood circulation, beautify the features, and also can allay tiredness, heal wounds, protect livers and gastrointestinal function.



By activating enzymes activity, accumulation of fat in the body can be decomposed rapidly.

Inhibit small intestine absorption of fat and effectively prevent the generation of new fat.

Accelerate the metabolism of fat and cholesterol, exhaust the excess fat out of the body.

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