LEBEST Kidney Stronger Tea

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1,Relaxing bowel

Eucommia staminate flower contains the phenylpropanoids and iridoid, which have an effect on relaxing bowels, and at the same time the staminate flower can also promote the synthesis of the intestines and stomach collagen to strengthen the function of intestines and stomach.


2,Soothe the nerves and promote sleep

The natural active ingredients of eucommia staminate flower have a sedative and analgesic action, long-term medication can significantly improve sleeping. It is particularly suitable for those patients who can not sleep or drink.


3,Regulate the function of heart and cerebral vessels

Eucommia staminate flower contains a variety of natural active ingredients, such as quercetin, which can promote blood circulation of coronary artery, effectively treat heart and cerebrovascular disease.


Eucommia staminate flower contains a necessary collagen for human body, having the effect of promoting muscular strength, of which active ingredients, for example, lignans,have the anti-fatigue function obviously. It is particularly suitable for those engage in the indoor work without physical activity.


5,Boost the body`s immune function

The Huang Pu lactone obtained from chloroform extraction separation in the eucommia staminate flower has such immunosuppressive activity and immunodeficiency virus(HIV), which can strengthen the body immunity; with rich polysaccharide of active substances, of which can activate reticuloendothelial system function, enhance the body`s nonspecific immune function, resist to damage the body`s immune system function and against the AIDS virus (HIV) function. 


6,Liver protection

Aucubin in eucommia staminate flower has obvious activity of hepatic protection, which can promote the regeneration of liver cells, obviously inhibit the replication of the hepatitis B virus DNA and meanwhile it has strong antibacterial effect, being a natural antibiotic.


7,Invigorate the kidney and enhance sexual function

The patients with "insufficiency of the kidney-yang" are usually suffering from the low adrenal function. The lignans active ingredients can increase the activity of phagocytes, which can promote the immunity and exciting pituitary – hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis and enhance the effect of adrenal cortex function.


8,Reduce blood fat and blood pressure

Such a variety of active ingredients as rosin alcohol disaccharides glucoside, aucubin, chlorogenic acid and polysaccharide have the effect of reducing blood pressure and blood fat, and persistently reducing blood pressure without side effects.


9,Anti-aging and maintain beauty and keep young

Eucommia staminate flower which can promote human digestive function, accelerate the metabolism of human collagen, prevent and put off the skin wrinkling and aging, improve skin gloss and hair quality, which makes the hair shiny and reduces hair loss, delay senescence and prevent Alzheimer S Disease. The eucommia staminate flower containing a rich flavonoids compounds has two-way regulating action towards the women`s estrogen.

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