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it has natural Chinese traditional medicine as raw ingredients and scientific formulations.
Flavescent sophora root, yellow oaktree back, wild chrysanthemum flower, fruit of common cridum.
It has a bacteria inhibiting ring diameter with average value of 16.03mm against Candida, Albicans with great inhibiting action.
It eliminates toxins in the body,refuse inside the womb (blood excess water deposit) and vagina; promote cell regeneration, constrict womb and vagina, balance female hormones.
It enlarges breast and keep your body fit. Improve abnormal menstrual and prevent gynecopathy effectively.
it can improve frigidity, expel toxins, relieve inflammation and itching during gynecological treatment
it controls women leukorrhagia.
Use of LONGREEN MAIDEN PILL (detox pill)
It improves blood circulation within the genital.
It firms the vagina muscles and makes women sexually young.
It controls ovarian cyst, uterine fibroid, cervical inflammation, genital itching, freckle.
After using one or two sets, monitor the discharge or toxins that will be expelled from the genitals.
After using this pill, the detoxification done will leave the body free from infections, fungi, bacteria, and yeast or viral.
It is effective in the treatment of S.T.D`s menopausal, cervical cancer etc.
It is useful for beauty, facial, skin, removal of dark sports, wrinkles, rough skin, pimples, dry skin etc.
It also nourishing products, 1 set per month leaves the genital well nourished and healthy.
1st application :LONGREEN MAIDEN PILLS contains six small packs in side. before using, wash your hands thoroughly, tear open the aluminum laminated film pack , unfasten the cotton thread, carefully insert the detoxify pill and push with your middle finger until it enters the posterior for nix of the vagina,and leave the head of the thread outside the vaginal, after 48 hours then pull out the thread carefully and wash vagina thoroughly.Give 24 hours gap before second application.
2nd application: repeat the 1st application but allow for 12hrs, pull out using the thread and wash vagina thoroughly. Give 24hrs gap before third application.
3rd application: insert the 3th pill in the vagina. Remove after 24hrs and wash thoroughly.Give another 24 hrs gap. This completes the first set.
Then repeat the whole application for the second set.
Prohibited during pregnancy and lactation period.
Prohibited in menstrual period. Use from the 5th day after menstruation clears up till start of the next menstrual period.
Stop having sex while using this product. If it happens, please take out this product and wash vagina thoroughly. No sex within 3 hours thereafter.
It can not be used repeatedly if taken out during usage, to avoid cross contamination.
Take out LONGREEN DETOX PILL after it stay inside for 48hrs and wash vagina in time. Much secretion is expected after 24hrs with the first pill. No worry. This is initial self-repairing process for gland cells, and will improve after the second pill

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