Ginseng Tea (Energy Enchancer)

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Ginseng tea is an amazing herbal remedy lower blood pressure and blood glucose levels, while providing energy and fighting anxiety.
It can regulate the balance between excitement and inhibit process of the central nervous enhancing the reaction ability of the body against various noxious stimuli, it can strengthen the body's adaptability and make the disorder function to normal.
Effects on ginseng on cardiac function function is mainly to increase myocardial contractility,slow heart,increased cardiac output and coronary blood flow,thus strengthens the heart. While preventing the damage of muscle membrane,nuclear membrane and mitochondria of myocardial cell during hemorrhagic shock.
Ginseng can increase the enzyme activity of each substance in liver metabolism,which enhance liver detoxification capacity, thereby enhancing the body's tolerance for a variety of chemical substances.
Still, it help fill great vigor, anti- tumor,anti-oxidant,relieve desertion for promoting production of fluid and soothe the nerve.
Help treat over fatigue deficiency,
Good for eating disorder.
Help Acidic ennui.
Prevent nausea vomiting food.
Help in treating stool diarrhea,
Treat cough and hasty panting, spontaneous sweating and fulminant.
Help treat dehydration.
Treat amnesia,dizziness and headache.
Improve impotence.
Treat frequent urination.consumptive thirst, chronic infantile convulsion
chronic deficiency with no recovery and all kinds of blood and body fluid deficiency syndrome.

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