Longrich Moisturizing Cream For Baby

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Longrich Moisturizing Cream For Baby

The new Longrich baby fruit oil moisturizing cream is as effective as all other products from Longrich. This soothes and blends with baby skin in a natural way. This help to protect the skin from infectious skin diseases like rashes and heat related skin condition. Has the affinity to skin, can penetrate into the skin and help to improve damaged skin. This body cream’s deep maintenance makes the skin keep rich lipid, prevent the skin coarse and aging wrinkles, make skin smooth and tender, white and radiant youthful vitality.

This product contain:

At least 98% naturally derived ingredients which is free from known allergens and rooted in natural ingredients.The products are dermatologist tested, contain no irritating essential oils and are dye free and paraben free.We love babies as much as we love nature. That’s why LONGRICH is committed to preserving our earth’s natural resources.

 Longrich Moisturizing Cream For Baby Key Features

  • Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Repairs damaged parts of the skin.
  • Eliminates scars and stretch marks with repetitive use.
  • Contains placenta essence.
  • Gives radiant and vigorous youthful skin.
  • Fine mild formula specially intended for children’s delicate skin enriched with corn germ oil, plant essence and natural Shea butter extract.
  • It helps nourish and moisturize skin gently and deeply with no irritation to the skin, leaving baby’s skin feeling silky smooth, soft and comfortable.
  • 120ML

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