Longrich Starter Combo-OPTION B

Brand: Longrich

Product Code: Longrich Starter Combo-OPTION B

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Price: N9,800.00

Longrich Starter Combo-OPTION B


  • 2 Mosquito Repellents
  • 1 White Tea Toothpaste 200g
  • 2 SOD Milk
  • 1 Hand cream

This is a Promo package which contains a combination of products for students, people who want to test the products first or people who cannot afford the Standard Entry levels.


You can earn great referral bonuses with this entry level but you won’t earn the weekly percentages. Its always advised that every one chooses a starter combo in their entry purchase, regardless of your entry level.



Register 3 or more people with N9,800 and get paid the following week as follows:
  • 1st Gen:N2900×3= N8700
  • 2nd Gen N700×9 =N6300
  • 3rd Gen 1400×27=N37800

This above illustrations explains what you will earn if you bring only 3 people and encourage your 3 to bring in the 2nd and 3rd generation

* Note: There is no limit to the nos of people you can personally sponsor. The more people you sponsor, the more money you will make.

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