Swissgarde 40 Plus Women - 30 Capsules

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Product Code: Swissgarde 40 Plus Women - 30 Capsules

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Swissgarde 40 Plus Women - 30 Capsules

40 plus for women contains Vitamin E and C,Citrus Bioflavanoids,Dong Quail,St johns wort,Soya beans oil and Isoflavories.This product is ideal for women above 40 years.

It assists with the sysmptoms of aging in women.
!t helps both pre and post menopause peroid in women.
It prevents frigidity in women(No sexually feelings).
It prevents hot flushes and mood swings.
It removes tiredness,anxiety and tension.
It prevents rashes and other skin irritant due to the presence of Vitamin E.
It enhances concentration and mental depression.
It aids fertitilty(contains Vitamin E).

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