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Swissgarde Power Powder
Power powder is a pre-cooked meal of wholegrain maize and soya beans it is packed with essential vitamin, minerals, beta-Glucans, Nucleotides Proteins, Zinc and Fats


Vitamins are a group of substances that are needed for normal cell function, growth, and development.
There are 13 essential vitamins and Power Powder contains 12
Vitamin A, C, D, E. 
Vitamin B1 thiamine, Vitamin B2 riboflavin Vitamin B3 niacin Pantothenic Acid
Biotin Vitamin B6, B12 
Folic acid 
Power powder is indeed power packed in powder (28 nutrients). it is a nutritious meal for the young and old, the athlete and the recuperating, the weight watcher and the on the go person. It's safe and very beneficial for both pregnant and nursing mothers

*Health Benefits of Power Powder

✳Replenishes the  body with key nutrients
✳Boosts the immune system
✳Helps keep a healthy heart
✳Improves vitality and stamina
✳Helps  maintain stable blood sugar
✳Helps curb appetite
✳Helps fight cancer
✳It helps boost concentration
✳It gives strong bones.
✳It improves cholesterol profile
✳Aids  recovery restores stamina
✳It neutralises harmful free radical

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