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Swissgarde Skin,Hair & Nails - 60 Tablets(Radiant Skin, Healthy Hair & Strong Nails)

Skin,Hair&Nails contains Gelatine,kelp,soya,silica,zinc,biotin and other important anti oxidants which help the formation of healthy skin,lustrous hair and strong nails.it also contains vitamins and micronutrients which help protect the body.

Health Benefits

It prevent any kind of skin irritant.
The presences of silica helps the formation of collagen for bones and connective tissues.
Gelatin content helps strengthen the nails.
It prevent blemish skin.
It prevents grey hair and bald hair.
It provides essential nutrient for effective growth of hair and nails.
It increases fertility.
It nourishes the skin,hair and nails.
It promte healthier hair and prevent hair breakage.
It build stronger nails and radiant skin.
It is good for pregnant & nursing mothers.

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