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Swissgarde Omega Plus (Omega 3,6,9 and Garlic oil)

Omega Plus capsules is fortified with four (4) beneficial oil. it contains Omega-3 (fish oil), Omega-6(from the plants Evening Primrose and Borage), Omega-9 (derived from olive oil) and Garlic oil

People with high normal blood pressure range (upto125/90 mmHg - 140/90mmHg) can use it regulate their blood pressure instead of immediate use of antihypertensives. Also people that are hypertensive can also use it as an adjunct therapy.  It also helps  improve blood circulation,varicose veins,burning feet,prostate problems and helps to prevent cold and flu. They also aid in lowering high cholesterol level.

The combination of these 4 oils make omega plus a powerful health and restorer.


Key Functions of Swissgarde Omega Plus

Contains:Omega 3,6,9 and Garlic oil
Regulate and normalise high blood pressure
lowers high Cholesterol level
Improves blood circulation

Pack size: 30 capsules

Direction: One capsule daily

This product should not replace any medication prescribed by doctors.

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