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Pantyliner with Magnetic Energy, Anion, Far Infrared
Panty Liners is not designed for menstruating ladies or women, rather it is designed to cure diseases of various kinds. It could be used in underpants by either females or males, as it prevents and cures prostrate cancer in men.
This product is designed to contain three powerful components: Bio-magnetic Energy, Far Infrared and Anions. The bio-magnetic Energy gives energy and enhances self protection; Far infrared prevents and cures gynecological diseases such as fibroid, ovarian cysts, vaginal infections etc; while the Anions kill bacteria, thus eliminates odour, prevents itching, cures and prevents rashes around the vagina.
When the Panty Liner is damped and placed on any part of the body, it eliminates pain. The green strip content can also be detached and soaked in water to discharge it’s magnetic energy. Such water could be consumed as it already contained healing properties.
The Superbklean Magnetic Energy Panty Liner is effective in the treatment and/or prevention of the following: fibroid, fatigue, foot odour, gynecological infections, cataract, breast lumps, arthritis, prostrate inflammation, cervical cancer, whitlow, body and joint pains, rheumatism, fractures, glaucoma, mild headache, hemorrhoid, old sore, and asthma.

1、 Breathable and comfortable
With a cotton surface, the product is soft, comfortable and close fitting, unlikely to cause allergy. It quickly absorbs fluids and prevents reverse osmosis. The absorbing layer contains highly effective absorption factors that trasnform fluids into jelly to keep the surface dry, clean and non-sticky. The bottom layer, made of breathable materials, prevents leakage and effectively reduces dampness and heat between the napkin and the body, so that you can feel relaxed all day.
2、 Magnetism
This product can activate the bio-magnetic field in local parts of the body, accelerate electrical activity in cells, promote blood circulation and microcirculation, raise the enzyme content in the vagina, help increase the acidity of secretions, and enhance women’s self-protection.   
3、 Emit far infrared
This product emits far infrared rays that promote local blood circulation and microcirculation and prevents gynecological diseases.
4、 Generate anions

Benefit of Longrich Panty Liner

* Helps to lower the risk of tumor
* Protects you from toilet infection.
* Use to treat waist pain, neck, wounds, swollenness, boils, rheumatism and arthritis.
* For treating menstrual discomfort fuel to infection.
* Ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
* Its unisex, for men from 40 years and above, it protects them from prostate      cancer (worn in briefs).  
* It has an anion strip which helps eliminate odour and itching.
* Men can wear it on their shoes (for next 3 benefits).
* Reduce stress and alleviate depression.
* Boost energy and enhance metabolism.
* Reduce odour and strengthen immunity.
* Enhance hormonal balance.
* Support the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system.
* Contribute to eliminating or preventing bacterial infection.
* It neutralizes free radical (positive ion )
* Revitalize cell metabolism and enhance immune function.
* Purifies the blood and balance the autonomic nervous system, promoting deep sleep and healthy digestion.

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