longrich Alkaline Energy Cup 400ml

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This Longrich alkaline cup is driven by cutting edge research.
It balances the PH level of water that is put into it. 
Drinking from it helps to revive damaged cells in the body due to nacrotics. 
It reduces excess acidity of the body which helps to reduce cholesterol levels.
It enables minerals to reach the cells more quickly and contributes to quality eyesight, hair and skin. 
It helps the body absorb vital minerals and nutrients more effectively thereby providing anti-ageing effect for the user. 
It is also a powerful anti-oxidant helping to neutralize free radicals in the body.
It helps to remove harmful toxins from vital body organs and increases energy and digestion. 
The electrolyzed water helps to activate oxygen and protect DNA from oxidative damage. 
Helps to reduce the symptoms of hepatic disorders by improving overall liver function. Ionized water suppress the growth of cancer cells
. It boosts immunity and prevents diseases such as cancer, allergy, asthma, breast cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease. 

Ordinary drinking water does not carry negative ions but the cup water is rich in negative ions which carry more oxygen for the body, helps activate cells, enhance water quality and taste. 
Ordinary drinking water has positive potential anti-oxidants that promote ageing. Specific negative potential technology of the cup can deliver more hydrogen for the body and eliminate excess free radicals, help to enhance immunity and delay ageing process.

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